Why choose Nick’s Auto Repair, 7 Seward Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08609?


Over the years Nick of Nick’s Auto Repair has listened to his customers, friends, and family and heard what they are most concerned about when choosing a repair shop.  What has been the number one concern?  Honesty!  Yes, everyone wants to know that what they are being asked to pay for they actually need!  At Nick’s Auto Repair we’ve worked to build a reputation for honest  service with our customers and friends, showing  that they can trust that we will look out for their best interests when repairing their cars.  What does this involve?  First, we will never suggest a repair that is not needed. Also, we try to put ourselves in your position.  Are there options that can help you make your car safe and drivable that will be most cost effective?  At Nick’s Auto Repair we’ll do our best to find those options.  Yes, we’re in business and need  to make a living, but we will not put that above your needs. When recommending repair options, Nick asks himself questions like this:  Would I be selling this service to my own mother? Would I make this repair if it was my own car? We want our customers to be confident that our business relationship will be built on trust.


What else do customers want? Of course quality work at an affordable price.  Nick is a certified ASE Master Technician  with 30 years experience in the automotive repair field.  Many of those years were spent as a dealership trained technician.  Nick has also held the ASE certification as Advanced Level Specialist for the past 15 years.  His experience and training helps him to offer quality repairs on your vehicle. And, at Nick’s Auto Repair we will always do our best to give you that service. Can we  fix everything? If any mechanic tells you they can, they are likely being overconfident.  In this world of rapidly changing technology there are some diagnostic procedures that are very specific to each car manufacturer. With this in mind, if  we determine that you have a concern that would be best referred to the dealer, we will point you in that direction. This is better for you.  There are times when the extra expense for  the experience of the dealer technician is a good value.


How about cost?  You will find Nick’s Auto Repair prices very affordable.  We are a small business with relatively low overhead which allows us to offer services at a cost below many larger shops.  Our posted shop labor rate is below the industry average.  And, we offer specials on routine services.


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